Installing Iosevka as a narrow terminal font

Iosevka provides for a good font experience in the terminal as it allows to crunch many characters onto a single line while still being very much readable. Here’s how to install it from source on a Linux system with a custom configuration (disabling ligation, picking only regular and bold font weights):

git clone --depth 1 --branch master
cd Iosevka
cat << EOF > private-build-plans.toml
family = "Iosevka Term"
spacing = "term"
serifs = "sans"
no-cv-ss = true
no-ligation = true

inherits = "ss08"

shape = 400
menu = 400
css = 400

shape = 700
menu = 700
css = 700
npm install
npm run build -- ttf-unhinted::iosevka-term
mv dist/iosevka-term/ttf-unhinted/*.ttf ~/.local/share/fonts/.
fc-cache -f -v
cd ..
rm -rf Iosevka

Now select the font Iosevka Term in the terminal of your choice.

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